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Winny Education Consultancy: Assist You to Study in Canada

Many student visa consultants are available in the market to provide their assistance to students in overseas education for different countries. All visa consultancies work with the same objective of providing all possible help to the student in securing a student visa.

Winny Education Consultancy: Assist You to Study in Canada

Among the different consultancies, there are Winny Immigration & Education Services located in Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Vallabh Vidhyanagar), Mumbai (Vile Parle) and Toronto (Mississauga).Winny is basically a Canada based company dealing with immigration and education processing industry since past 33 years. Winny has a strong professional team providing educational counseling and guidance for better career opportunities for countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Dubai.

In the first meeting, the career counseling team at Winny will interact with the student to know about his/her interest, academic background, financial capabilities, future goals, etc. and based on that counselors research to provide suitable options regarding the courses and colleges. Moreover, being an ICCRC regulated consultant, Winny only provides authentic and reliable information to its clients. Winny always remains updated regarding the changing immigration laws and procedures and accordingly proceed with the visa processing. Winny has extensive contacts and tie-ups with different college/university representatives. They make sure to apply the application before the deadline and conduct regular follow ups unless the offer letter from the concerned college/university is received.

Once the offer letter is received, consultant at Winny will start with the documentation process and submit the file for visa processing. As the rules and regulations at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) changes, Winny make sure to follow the same while proceeding for the student visa and get the student registered for the concerned intake in the college. Winny as a student visa consultant has always tried to provide quality and reliable service to its clients.

Winny has an in-house coaching center providing personalized coaching to students appearing for IELTS/TOEFL coaching exam. Every student at Winny is attended personally by the coaching department; conduct mock tests and grammar sessions to ensure whether the student is using the proper tense, sentence formation and so on. Apart from all this, winny also provides additional services like air ticket arrangement, airport pickups and drop facilities, currency exchange at nominal rates, provide advice on travel insurance, pre-departure training and also provide post landing services.

So visit Winny at the nearest branch or contact at +91 9227 9227 24


Tips to Get Job in Canada

Ahead of looking for a job, you should take some time to research and know about the Canadian labor market and the different probabilities for your specific occupation. Students spend thousands of dollars in their education so they should know how to squeeze every penny out of it. You can’t wait for the job opening advertisements because the majority of jobs out in Canada is never advertised. So you should get out and pound the pavement.

Tips to Get Job in Canada

If at all the job opening is advertised then there will be hundreds of applicants for the position so you should have to be creative as well to stand out in the crowd. Frankly speaking, the easiest way of getting a job is through networking, you can approach any relative or friend in Canada who can help you out in getting a job. Basically, people who have references and good network can have better chances of getting a job in Canada. But if there are no relative or friends in Canada, then you should be looking out for a job all by yourself. To get a job offer in Canada is also not that easy, the employer needs to apply for an LMO to hire a foreign worker.

Another option to find a job is approached recruitment consultants because of majority of employers rely on recruiting companies to find qualified professionals. You can also make cold calls to employers who are looking out for hiring someone or visit the employer websites for job openings. You can also register on different job sites like Job Bank, Working in Canada, etc. or attend career fairs and talk to recruiters.

In the interview, research about the industry in which you are applying for because the employers usually seems interested to talk to the people who knows about the industry and are eager to ask questions related to it. Once the interview is done and the result is still pending then you can follow up with the employers.

Spending lots of time in search of job without having any end result might be frustrating but don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Be the graduate that keeps falling down, but learns from the mistake every time. Then you will be achieving success.

Why Do You Need a Higher Education Consultant for Study Abroad?

Studying abroad has become an all-time high trend with more and more students opting for overseas education. Currently, it’s been observed that the number of student inquiries for study abroad has increased and students are seriously looking forward to start off their dream journey. The main reason why so many students opt for foreign education can be basically to get an opportunity to see the world and to experience the different cultures followed by the people living in the different country.

Why Do You Need a Higher Education Consultant for Study Abroad?

Before giving a start to your foreign education trip, one should always research thoroughly regarding the different options available for him/her like which program is appropriate as per his/her area of interest, which universities/colleges are available as per the preferred programs, scholarships and requirements for student visa processing. Though the internet provides us with all the required information, but it might not recommend which option is suitable for you. It’s not that one can’t process the student visa by them, but it can be a bit of troublesome and if not handled carefully, you can also land up with visa rejection or not getting the offer letter from the university/college in time. So it is always important to have an expert guidance from some professional or some expert consultancy.

Frankly speaking, foreign education consultancies do the same thing which we might do with the help of internet if we try to put up the file for student visa ourselves,  but the difference is the consultancies have the in-depth information about which program, university/college or the country is suitable as per our area of interest and preference. They very well know, which university provides programs which you are interested into or prefer to take up and which university provides scholarships to the international students. In short, half of your work is done smoothly. Being a certified consultancy, they will be aware of the changing immigration and visa norms which will help us in the visa processing without any hurdle or complexities.

The higher education consultant not only gets our application process through, but also provides guidance to help us arrive at a right decision for our future. To keep it more easy, the consultancy also submits the documents to secure the offer letter from the respective college/university and later start on with the visa processing. Many of the consultancies also help the student in preparing the required documents like Statement of Purpose, Letter of Intent, etc. So basically the student just needs to focus on securing the required scores in the IELTS/TOEFL exam. For IELTS/TOEFL as well, the consultancy provides training to the student’s for the exam along with the required study material as well.

Moreover, many of the students might be experiencing their first flight or moving to different location for the first time, so in order to build their confidence level, consultancies also provide with pre-departure trainings, pick-up and drop facilities etc. A genuine and reliable foreign education consultant will always provide you the right information to make you head to the right direction and help you to achieve your dreams.


Canada is known for its list of great universities and also putting students into trouble to take a final decision on which university/college to enroll for. When it comes to its province like Ontario then it has 24 publicly funded colleges also known as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAATs) which includes Humber, Seneca, Sheridan, Conestoga and George Brown.


Nowadays, choosing which university/college to apply not only depends on the university rankings or reputation, but also depends on the culture and educational system. Most of the colleges in Ontario were established after Minister of Education William Grenville Davis tabled the bill 153 in the year 1965. The basic purpose of these publicly funded colleges is to offer career oriented, post-secondary education and training to students which will assist them further in finding employment.

Ontario is home to 11 top Canadian universities. To start with, University of Toronto is reputed of its literary criticism and communication along with research and innovation. Known after the Honorable William McMaster, McMaster University was ranked 149th position in the world as per the QS world university rankings.  University of Waterloo also the member of the U15 and is also known for its research based psychology department. As per the QS world university rankings, University of Waterloo stands at 152nd position in the world. Western University is also known as University of Western Ontario has been ranked 192nd in the world. The majority of students interested in medicine, science and business related programs enroll in University of Western Ontario. Queens University has been consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada. Moreover, Queens University is also one of the oldest providing degree programs and the university has approximately 7% of international students.

Students who wish to study in Canada have wide range of universities/colleges to select from which also includes University of Ottawa, York University, Carleton University, University of Windsor, Ryerson University etc. Ryerson University is considered to be the leader in innovation and providing career oriented programs. York University is the second largest university in Ontario following its innovative programs and learning methodologies.

Great advice for International Students in Canada

Getting a Canadian university/college degree is a dream for each and every student. Moreover, studying abroad is a life changing experience. Not only the educational system, but the student will also face challenges in adjusting into the Canadian lifestyle, culture, language barrier etc.

First and foremost choose the university based on your aspiration and goals instead of enrolling into any university just for the sake of entering into Canada. First few days at the university will be a bit difficult for you. So be patient because you are not the only one new in the campus. Get familiar with the new campus scenario and make new friends. Know about the different facilities and student services available for you. Find out what all learning resources and workshop programs are held for students. Initially, you might feel difficult to accustom to the Canadian culture.

Great advice for International Students in Canada

In University, you will also get to experience the different classroom dynamic followed in Canada. Here in India, we see a strict teacher and the student association wherein the teacher teaches the class and students sits and learn. But in Canada, the whole education culture is different, here students are expected to involve in classroom debate, discussions, share their viewpoints with the lecturers etc. In Canada, the majority of your studies will be independent learning. Moreover, the evaluation of your work and learning is also done differently. So be prepared for the different education system in Canada.

Being in university, you need to have a strong command over English because the majority of your communication will held in English only on the daily basis. So don’t feel shy if you don’t understand the communication, you can just ask the person to speak slowly. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” is an important Canadian social custom. Participating in classroom discussions, group work, debate,  etc. will help you in improving your English skills. Moreover, Canadians consider themselves as open minded and follow certain social customs like being on time both in professional and personal life, politeness, equality, avoid personal questions, don’t crack jokes on people’s race, religion, gender etc. Canadians also expect certain behavior from others as well. Canadians believe in referring the person with Mr or Mrs. /Miss followed by the first name.

Time flies by! You may not feel so, but it’s a truth so enjoy your overseas studies

Gain a new perspective with foreign education

Did you know that foreign education give you the opportunity to see the world with different perspective? To explore the different study abroad programs, visit Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd..

Gain a new perspective with foreign education

We make it happen with our excellent team of professionals. Whether you are interested to study in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand or Australia, we will help you find the suitable study abroad program available around the world. Winny being a trusted brand known for its student visa consulting services since 36 years provides authentic information and let you earn college degree along with experiencing a new interactive education system.

If you are looking for countries to study abroad, schedule an appointment with Winny at 1800-419-3242.

Study Abroad – one of the most beneficial experiences

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, then there is a study abroad program right for you.

Study Abroad – one of the most beneficial experiences

To gain high quality education and enjoy your leaning experience, visit Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd. and we will assist you to select the destination, field of study and length of program as per the needs of the student and create the best learning abroad experience. Be it studying in Canada, Australia, the USA or the UK, our team of professionals at Winny first assesses the student’s profile and accordingly list out the most suitable options. We will help you in filing strong visa documentation along with preparing you for interview.

To explore the long term impact of foreign education, visit our nearest branch or contact us at 1800-419-3242.