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Winny – Best Canada foreign education Consultant

Best Canada Student Visa Consultant

Excellent education system, friendly atmosphere and numerous career opportunities attract a great number of students to Canada from across the globe. Winny has been providing student visa services seamlessly since more than three decades. Being an authorized foreign education consultant, our skilled professionals provide you information regarding colleges and courses that are best for you. We assist you throughout the process and arrange a pre – departure seminar to make you aware of travelling and life in Canada.

Contact Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd on toll free number 1800-419-3242 or visit our nearest branch in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, V. V. Nagar, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai or Pune.


Avail Best Services for Canada Education

Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the best education and immigration visa services to those who wish to study or settle in Canada. We offer career counseling to students who want to get enrolled in a renowned Canadian institution and guidance to those who seek permanent resident visa of Canada. We assist you throughout the visa procedure and ensure that you land to your dream destination.

Avail Best Services for Canada Education

Visit www.winnyedu.com for further information or contact us on our toll free number 1800-419-3242. You can also visit the nearest branch of Winny in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, V. V. Nagar, Surat, Rajkot, Mumbai or Pune.

Canada Welcomes You

Every student wants to get the best education by studying abroad. But how do you know if you are choosing the right country, course or institution?

Canada welcomes you

Canada gives you a chance to study as well as implement to make gaining knowledge easier. The country has been ranked among the most desired country to get education from by international students.

Walk in to Winny to know more about studying in Canada visit Winny, located at Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai and Pune or contact us at 1800-419-3242 and meet our counselor to know the right course and institution for you.

Why More Indian Students Prefer Germany?

Germany charms tourists and students from across the world. The art and culture, education, lifestyle and fashion, everything are fascinating in the country. Its quality education and programs with advanced practical knowledge draws thousands of students each year.

Why More Indian Students Prefer Germany?

The Report says that, Indian students have remarkably increased in Germany in comparison to last year. The number of Indian students has multiplied in the last five years. 13,740 students enrolled in German universities for the academic year 2015-16. Students from India comprise the second largest group of foreign students in Germany; with 72% of them opting for engineering programs, closely followed by mathematics, science, law and social studies.

The decision to waive off tuition fee for international students has been the key aspect and has attracted a greater number of qualified students. In addition, German Universities and study programs are autonomous. They are allowed to admit students as per their set of criteria. Each year the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) provides nearly 15,000 merit-based scholarships to Indian scholars and students for studying and conducting research in their country.

Germany education offers a wide array of programs and courses across disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The scholarships and grants available to students, encourage more students to pursue their higher education in Germany. Along with excellent education, the German Education system also provides rewarding career opportunities in the technology, engineering, education and health sciences industry sectors.

If you are curious to know more about overseas education or student visa to study abroad, visit us at, Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd. We’ll be more than glad to assist you with further information.

Canada gaining popularity among International students than the UK

The report claims that the major reasons for students opting to study in Canada is due to stricter immigration rules followed in the UK. Moreover, the Canadian government is also easing the immigration rules for international students and making it simpler to apply for the citizenship status. It is also claimed that the liberal government is likely to increase their immigration targets during the coming year’s to target more international students and immigrants. Recently, immigration minister John McCallum had asked the government to attract more number of international students to apply for the permanent resident status. Such positive initiative on behalf of the Canadian government is making the country more preferable compared to other developed countries like the United States and the UK.

Canada is gaining popularity among International students than the UK

International students in the UK are finding it difficult to continue their stay in the country after the completion of their studies following the government plan to expel international students from the UK after graduation. Whereas in Canada, graduate international students receive ample number of opportunities to continue their stay in the country depending upon the province in which they were studying.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons why Canada is considered to the favorite study destination among international students:

▸ Canada is a multicultural nation wherein students are provided with high quality living and learning environment.

▸ Many of the institutions in Canada offer transfer programs wherein international students can opt to study in colleges and later transfer into a university program.

▸ Spouse or common-law partners of international students studying in Canada can accompany them later with the open work permit program.

▸ International students are allowed to work off-campus, which helps them to earn their living, build their Canadian work experience and also generate professional contacts.

▸ After graduation, international graduates are eligible for the post graduate work permit wherein they can work for any employer up to three years.

▸ Canada also offers different options for international students, which enable them to opt for Canadian permanent resident status and later apply for the Canadian citizenship status.

▸ When it comes to welcoming and retaining the international students in the country there is a vast difference between Canada and other developed countries and this makes Canada the most preferable nation by international students.

Going Abroad After 12th Standard

Earlier, after completing 12th standard, the student used to complete their undergraduate program from India itself and then work for some time in order to gain experience and then, they’d go abroad and do their post-graduation. But now, the trend has changed. It is preferred that the student goes abroad right after completing 12th and completes their higher studies in abroad.


This has many reasons; doing undergraduate program from abroad builds a strong base for post-graduation. It allows the student to get exposure as well as become independent. Also, many countries provide different opportunities and scholarships to undergraduates like in Singapore; universities offer academic scholarships to meritorious students.

In USA, the student just has to meet the prescribed entry requirement as well as obtaining an IELTS score around 5.5-6.0 bands. In the UK the student has to be a part of an International Foundation Year Program before joining an undergraduate program of their choice.

Many other countries offer scholarships as well. Also, there are a lot of career opportunities as well as training and internships for undergraduates to learn. It will also help the student in developing a more adjustable, tolerant, and self-reliant attitude. Moreover the student would also gain marketable skills for the global workforce.

Studying abroad after 12th also helps in honing the student’s language skills. Going abroad will also inculcate acceptance of new cultures and traditions and make the student strong and capable of facing difficult situations. Adapting a new country isn’t easy and living there alone sounds like a task. But institutes take care of international students to make them feel welcome and to help them in adjusting. Studying abroad provides a student with a lot of opportunities to learn, grow and implement the learned knowledge. The education is different and easy to get involved in due to a balance implementation and theoretical education.

Hence, doing under graduation as well as post-graduation abroad helps in shaping the student to become a confident, adapting and tolerant individual, helps in gaining marketable skills, increases knowledge and provides great opportunities back in their country as well as abroad.

Student Visa Consultancy in Mumbai for Canada

Take a glance at the daily newspaper coming at your home and you can find dozens of visa consultancies in Mumbai dealing with different countries like Canada, USA, UK and many more.  It’s not only about Mumbai alone, but today we can see the wide range of visa consultancies available at your service. With more number of students opting for overseas education, there are many consultancies emerging in the market.

Student Visa Consultancy in Mumbai for Canada

Looking at the current trend followed among the students, the majority of the students are choosing to study in Canada. Among the different countries, Canada is found to be the most suitable option due to its research facilities and infrastructure to support education. Many of the students consider a degree, diploma or certificate in Canada to be known in business, government and academic circles around the globe.

The different visa consultancies in Mumbai have extensive contacts and tie ups with different colleges/university representatives which help them secure offer letters and Canada student visa. They take the responsibility of shaping your career with proper care. On the basis of their experience, they are aware of the different requirements, challenges and obstacles faced by the students. Moreover, their visa process remains as per the standards of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  These visa consultancies in Mumbai also remain updated regarding the changing immigration laws and procedures for the successful student visa processing.

The basic step of each and every consultancy is to research regarding the different options available to the student in Canada as per his/her requirement and accordingly provide suggestions about the suitable course/program and college/university in Canada. It is the consultants who apply to the colleges/universities on behalf of the student and secure an offer letter. So in this way, half of your work is done. Now it’s the main tedious work which is documenting the file. These consultants also assist the student in collating the important documents required for the visa processing. They keep a track on the deadlines for submitting the file so that the student shouldn’t suffer by losing his/her intake. If required, they also provide coaching to secure a required IELTS/TOEFL band which is also not that easy for everyone.

It’s not done yet, consultancies also provide additional services like travel briefing, currency exchange, airport pickups and drop facilities and so on, which is indeed helpful for students like you especially if you are first timers.