Canada Set to Increase Immigrants Even Further

Over 320,000 new immigrants have settled in Canada in the past year and that is a record break number for many decades. From July, 2015 to July 2016, a total number of 320,932 permanent residents have made this country their home. That is an increase in comparison to last year’s number which was 240,844 and this represents the fastest growth in almost three decades. Furthermore, the government of Canada is planning to welcome even more new migrants to Canada in the upcoming year. At annual population count, Statscan – Statistics Canada has revealed the latest details in the end of September, 2016.

Canada Set to Increase Immigrants Even Further

Ontario has always topped the list, but a report says that Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia have also boosted their immigration number lately. The Express Entry System allows the government to elect which candidates can submit an application through federal economic program. Hence, the government has reduced the time for the process to manage the supply. The reasons for the growing figures of immigrants are many such as Express Entry and its backlog, Provincial Nominee Program, Syrian Refugees and The New Government.

It is very well known that the government plans to unveil the overall immigration strategies to make it more convenient for immigrants to be permanent residents. Also, Canadian Minister of Immigration, John McCallum had stated during that summer. Canada needs more immigrants in order to fill a labor shortage.

While other nations are looking inward, Canada is actually looking forward to welcome more migrants in coming year that includes professionals, students, international graduates, families and relatives of current immigrants and citizens.


Faster Procedure for Spousal Reunification

The Canadian government is making it easier and faster for new immigrants as permanent residents to reunify with their spouses.

Faster Procedure for Spousal Reunification

With the leadership of the minister, IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada commenced rigorous efforts to lessen procedure times. Procedure timings have been reduced by 15 percent for Canadian applicants and 10 percent for application outside Canada from Jan, 2016 to fall. Processing times will be decreased even more for spousal applications being processed in next 12 months. Some complicated cases may need more time.

The Government of Canada will continue with the procedure of older applications in the order they were received. Candidates who have applied already will not have to wait for 12 months. Families, waiting for their sponsorship application should have a final decision by the end of December 17.

These amendments are the newest measures to bring families together and expected to benefit over 64,000 applicants by the end of the year 2017.


Canada is known for its list of great universities and also putting students into trouble to take a final decision on which university/college to enroll for. When it comes to its province like Ontario then it has 24 publicly funded colleges also known as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAATs) which includes Humber, Seneca, Sheridan, Conestoga and George Brown.


Nowadays, choosing which university/college to apply not only depends on the university rankings or reputation, but also depends on the culture and educational system. Most of the colleges in Ontario were established after Minister of Education William Grenville Davis tabled the bill 153 in the year 1965. The basic purpose of these publicly funded colleges is to offer career oriented, post-secondary education and training to students which will assist them further in finding employment.

Ontario is home to 11 top Canadian universities. To start with, University of Toronto is reputed of its literary criticism and communication along with research and innovation. Known after the Honorable William McMaster, McMaster University was ranked 149th position in the world as per the QS world university rankings.  University of Waterloo also the member of the U15 and is also known for its research based psychology department. As per the QS world university rankings, University of Waterloo stands at 152nd position in the world. Western University is also known as University of Western Ontario has been ranked 192nd in the world. The majority of students interested in medicine, science and business related programs enroll in University of Western Ontario. Queens University has been consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada. Moreover, Queens University is also one of the oldest providing degree programs and the university has approximately 7% of international students.

Students who wish to study in Canada have wide range of universities/colleges to select from which also includes University of Ottawa, York University, Carleton University, University of Windsor, Ryerson University etc. Ryerson University is considered to be the leader in innovation and providing career oriented programs. York University is the second largest university in Ontario following its innovative programs and learning methodologies.

Amendments in PNP of Canada

Many of the provinces and territories of Canada can nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The immigrant must want to live there with a skill, work experience or education to contribute to the economy of the territory or that province.

Amendments in PNP of Canada

People from around the globe to apply for immigration to Canada though this PNP, which follows a particular pattern for the candidates to be nominated as an immigrant for the province.

To apply for the PNP, you must apply first to the province to be nominated, then get nominated by the province with necessary points and then apply to Citizenship and immigration Canada – CIC to become a permanent resident.

A new instruction came into force on November 19, 2016. If the offer is in an occupation contained in a Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification, a qualifying job offer is worth 200 points. For any other qualifying job offer of an arranged employment, it is worth 50 points. But, a candidate with provincial nomination supported by Labor Market Impact Assessment will be given 600 points of which makes the PNP program even more preferable to immigrate to Canada.

Plus, the latest release by IRCC stated that Canada will welcome around 51,000 new immigrants through PNP program in the year 2017, so with more categories opening up, it’s more important for applicants to stay informed with the immigration programs.

Great advice for International Students in Canada

Getting a Canadian university/college degree is a dream for each and every student. Moreover, studying abroad is a life changing experience. Not only the educational system, but the student will also face challenges in adjusting into the Canadian lifestyle, culture, language barrier etc.

First and foremost choose the university based on your aspiration and goals instead of enrolling into any university just for the sake of entering into Canada. First few days at the university will be a bit difficult for you. So be patient because you are not the only one new in the campus. Get familiar with the new campus scenario and make new friends. Know about the different facilities and student services available for you. Find out what all learning resources and workshop programs are held for students. Initially, you might feel difficult to accustom to the Canadian culture.

Great advice for International Students in Canada

In University, you will also get to experience the different classroom dynamic followed in Canada. Here in India, we see a strict teacher and the student association wherein the teacher teaches the class and students sits and learn. But in Canada, the whole education culture is different, here students are expected to involve in classroom debate, discussions, share their viewpoints with the lecturers etc. In Canada, the majority of your studies will be independent learning. Moreover, the evaluation of your work and learning is also done differently. So be prepared for the different education system in Canada.

Being in university, you need to have a strong command over English because the majority of your communication will held in English only on the daily basis. So don’t feel shy if you don’t understand the communication, you can just ask the person to speak slowly. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” is an important Canadian social custom. Participating in classroom discussions, group work, debate,  etc. will help you in improving your English skills. Moreover, Canadians consider themselves as open minded and follow certain social customs like being on time both in professional and personal life, politeness, equality, avoid personal questions, don’t crack jokes on people’s race, religion, gender etc. Canadians also expect certain behavior from others as well. Canadians believe in referring the person with Mr or Mrs. /Miss followed by the first name.

Time flies by! You may not feel so, but it’s a truth so enjoy your overseas studies

Quebec Seeks to Retain More International Graduates

The Quebec government will invest $1.6 million in a program ‘I Choose Montreal’ for encouraging international students to stay in the Montreal after their graduation. This program will be run by Economic Development Organization Montréal International and will be focused on college, university and vocational students in the Greater Montréal area. The idea was developed in the meeting with the MIDI – Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion.

Quebec Seeks to Retain More International Graduates

As per a report from Montréal International, this program will be a combination of activities such as job fairs for students and workshops with MIDI. A website has also been launched lately that provides information to international students and temporary immigrants wishing to make Quebec their permanent home.

The government believes that it is important to make the efforts in getting as many young international students as possible to stay in Quebec. They can help the economy grow as they hold a Quebec degree, speak French and are already familiar with culture and society. The Raising Quebec’s international profile will benefit the community and strengthen its position in global research networks. The initiative is constant with a future international policy of Quebec.

The province provides a fast-track Quebec Experience Class for the individuals with a diploma from a Quebec post-secondary institution or with work experiences in the province. International graduates from Quebec institutes may apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate with which they then can apply for permanent residence status to the federal government.

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How to select a Best Education consultant to Study abroad?

Ahead of identifying a genuine education consultant, you should have done some amount of research work for yourself. For example, what program to pursue, the main objective of the selected program, which college/university, special benefits of the selected college/university, which country/location, your future goals, financial capability and so on.

How to select a Best Education consultant to Study abroad

There will be no use of approaching a foreign visa consultant unless you are not clear about your goal. It’s a fact that not many students research about their interest, they directly approach the consultant and expects everything to be ready made for them. Students who are clear about their requirements and are well researched will try to get more information from the consultants as an addition to their research.

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