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Winny Education Consultancy: Assist You to Study in Canada

Many student visa consultants are available in the market to provide their assistance to students in overseas education for different countries. All visa consultancies work with the same objective of providing all possible help to the student in securing a student visa.

Winny Education Consultancy: Assist You to Study in Canada

Among the different consultancies, there are Winny Immigration & Education Services located in Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Vallabh Vidhyanagar), Mumbai (Vile Parle) and Toronto (Mississauga).Winny is basically a Canada based company dealing with immigration and education processing industry since past 33 years. Winny has a strong professional team providing educational counseling and guidance for better career opportunities for countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Dubai.

In the first meeting, the career counseling team at Winny will interact with the student to know about his/her interest, academic background, financial capabilities, future goals, etc. and based on that counselors research to provide suitable options regarding the courses and colleges. Moreover, being an ICCRC regulated consultant, Winny only provides authentic and reliable information to its clients. Winny always remains updated regarding the changing immigration laws and procedures and accordingly proceed with the visa processing. Winny has extensive contacts and tie-ups with different college/university representatives. They make sure to apply the application before the deadline and conduct regular follow ups unless the offer letter from the concerned college/university is received.

Once the offer letter is received, consultant at Winny will start with the documentation process and submit the file for visa processing. As the rules and regulations at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) changes, Winny make sure to follow the same while proceeding for the student visa and get the student registered for the concerned intake in the college. Winny as a student visa consultant has always tried to provide quality and reliable service to its clients.

Winny has an in-house coaching center providing personalized coaching to students appearing for IELTS/TOEFL coaching exam. Every student at Winny is attended personally by the coaching department; conduct mock tests and grammar sessions to ensure whether the student is using the proper tense, sentence formation and so on. Apart from all this, winny also provides additional services like air ticket arrangement, airport pickups and drop facilities, currency exchange at nominal rates, provide advice on travel insurance, pre-departure training and also provide post landing services.

So visit Winny at the nearest branch or contact at +91 9227 9227 24


Tips to Get Job in Canada

Ahead of looking for a job, you should take some time to research and know about the Canadian labor market and the different probabilities for your specific occupation. Students spend thousands of dollars in their education so they should know how to squeeze every penny out of it. You can’t wait for the job opening advertisements because the majority of jobs out in Canada is never advertised. So you should get out and pound the pavement.

Tips to Get Job in Canada

If at all the job opening is advertised then there will be hundreds of applicants for the position so you should have to be creative as well to stand out in the crowd. Frankly speaking, the easiest way of getting a job is through networking, you can approach any relative or friend in Canada who can help you out in getting a job. Basically, people who have references and good network can have better chances of getting a job in Canada. But if there are no relative or friends in Canada, then you should be looking out for a job all by yourself. To get a job offer in Canada is also not that easy, the employer needs to apply for an LMO to hire a foreign worker.

Another option to find a job is approached recruitment consultants because of majority of employers rely on recruiting companies to find qualified professionals. You can also make cold calls to employers who are looking out for hiring someone or visit the employer websites for job openings. You can also register on different job sites like Job Bank, Working in Canada, etc. or attend career fairs and talk to recruiters.

In the interview, research about the industry in which you are applying for because the employers usually seems interested to talk to the people who knows about the industry and are eager to ask questions related to it. Once the interview is done and the result is still pending then you can follow up with the employers.

Spending lots of time in search of job without having any end result might be frustrating but don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Be the graduate that keeps falling down, but learns from the mistake every time. Then you will be achieving success.

The Canadian Spouse visa undergoes Positive change

We do miss our loved ones more when we are away from them and help you out Canadian government had introduced a Spouse Visa program wherein residents of Canada or citizens of Canada can sponsor their spouses from other nation to migrate to Canada. The applicant and their spouse must be married and show the genuine intention to live together in Canada. But unfortunately this was a pilot program which was supposed to come to a halt.

The Canadian spouse visa undergoes positive change

But again Canadian government has given good news for all the foreign nationals who are applying for Canadian immigration under the spouse visa category as the pilot program has been extended till December 22nd, 2016. Under this pilot program, the applicants were provided with an open work permit also while their application is under process. This comes as a relief for many applicants who couldn’t process their application during the initial session.

In order to be eligible for the spouse visa program, the applicant needs to submit a permanent residence application under Spouses or Common-Law Partners in Canada class (SCLPC), a Canadian citizen or permanent resident need to submit a sponsorship application, the applicant needs to stay at the same residence where the sponsor resides and the applicant must be having a temporary or student or worker visa.

The Canadian government has also mentioned that if the applicant has already submitted the application for permanent residence under the Spouse visa for Canada immigration program and haven’t yet applied for the open work permit, then the applicant can complete the open work permit application by paying the appropriate fee. Moreover, if the applicant has already received approval for the permanent residency status and the medical, security and background checks are still remaining then the applicant can make online open work permit application. If any applicant is working under the open work permit condition which was applied to him/her in the earlier session can apply for his/her permit extension before the expiry of his current open work permit. If anyone is interested to apply for the spouse visa program then he/she needs to apply for the open work permit simultaneously.

Canada – Most Preferred Countries for Immigration

Lots of people are inclined to migrate to Canada permanently every year for the two obvious reasons, which are career opportunities and liberal cultural atmosphere. Also immigration visa consultants are helpful in the best possible way to get your immigration visa to Canada. But there are many more reasons that attract a number of immigrants from all over the world to Canada. Do know about them before you plan to move there.

Best Canada Education and Immigration Consultant Company in Mumbai

Canada is the world’s second largest country with clean air, eye pleasing landscapes and appealing environment for which it has been ranked one. It has two official languages, English and French. It always welcomes immigrants, providing unlimited opportunities and high quality life. It creates hundreds of jobs every year and had low unemployment rate.

Canadian universities draw a large number of foreign students because of their extraordinary education system. It is a home for many high ranked renowned universities. Colleges here offer part time jobs to students as well while they are studying. Canadian qualifications are highly demanded as employers are aware of the potential of the Canadian education system.

Canada is the business hub for foreign investors as it offers opportunities for new investors for investment and business startups. Canadian market flows with natural resources, export/import business, manufacturing and other services of mega industries. Among 144 economies, Canada has been ranked at 13th position in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2015-16.

Canadians have a way to affordable housing, schooling and health facilities. There are free health programs and free education for children up to grade 12. Apart from this, there are other welfare and insurance programs too.

Canadian people are known for their polite behavior, acceptance to new cultures and maintaining safe and peaceful society environment.

Best Canada Education and Immigration Consultant Company in Mumbai

With the rising number of applicants opting either to studying abroad or settle in another country, we have many visa consultancies in each and every corner, be it for student visa or permanent residency visa. Visa Agents also known as education and immigration consultants are experts in their own field by providing student visa and immigration visa for different parts of the world like Canada, USA, UK or New Zealand. Looking at the current trend, many of you might be planning to study in Canada or immigrate to Canada due to their various programs.

Best Canada Education and Immigration Consultant Company in Mumbai

Thinking about a city like Mumbai, then there are lot many consultancies like Edwise International, Overseas Education Consultants, Kanan Corporation and many more. But it’s up to you to decide which the genuine Canada visa agent in Mumbai is. These visa agents have extensive contacts and tie ups with renowned colleges/universities and also guarantee a job offer letter from reputed employers in Canada. They assist the students in selecting the best course/university and assist the client in filing their PR visa file.

Due to the in-depth expertise of the consultancy, they help us with the fast and efficient immigration process. In short, these consultancies help us fulfill our dreams. Many of the consultancies also provide additional services like pre-departure session, accommodation facility, airport pickups and drop facility, travel briefing etc.

When it comes to their working style of these Canada Visa Agents in Mumbai, it can be said that it’s almost same. During the first interaction they will have a personal interaction with the students/clients and provide one to one guidance to the students/clients. They also conduct an initial immigration assessment of the clients and thereafter will provide you with suitable course/program/college/university and the appropriate Express Entry program in  Canada that fits perfect for the career and personal goals. Career counselors will provide counseling sessions to the clients to choose the best career pathway. They also help in preparing the visa documentations as well as the visa process. They also help in completing the application procedures, visa formalities and preparing the students/clients in the visa interview process and appearing for IELT / TOEFL exams. They keep an eye on the deadlines for the timely submission of the files.

The rules and regulations for obtaining a Student and Immigration visas in Canada keeps on changing and introduces new programs like Express Entry program or Provincial Nominee Program. So it’s better to approach visa agents, who are always updated regarding the changes in the student or immigration visa category.

Why Canada’s Economic growth is attached to immigrants.

As older workers born in the country are leaving the labor force, Canada’s economic progress is becoming gradually attached to immigrants. This is one of the many reasons of the steady increase of immigrants in the working – age population in the last decade. Consequently, to fill the loss of Canadian-born drops, bringing in foreign workers helps the economy. In 2006, there were only 20 percent of immigrants in the workforce and more than 78 per cent were Canada-born. After 10 years, as per the latest data of Statistics Canada, today Canada has nearly 24 percent of immigrants in the workforce while Canada-born proportion has fallen to 74 per cent.

Why Canada’s Economic growth is attached to immigrants.

In last 12 months, this number has  major dramatists changed as well that said, immigrants in work increased by more than 260,000 and native Canadian workers decreased by 93,300. And this analysis shows that Canada has touched a point where it cannot grow with native Canadians exiting the labor force at this speed and without immigrants joining the workforce. This shows how the Canadian economy is now dependent on immigrants.

These numbers are an  indication of the direct advantageous impact of immigration in Canada. Another fresh survey says the children of immigrants outperform their Canadian fellows in high schools and university graduation degrees. An available data confirms that immigrants are more likely to commence their own business, which is a key factor of Canada’s economic growth.

Canada’s overall population rose sharply in the first quarter of the year 2016 from 106,966 to 36,155,487 because of 86,216 immigrants and 25,000 Syrian refugees. Obviously policies are putting a hold as Canada has received the highest number of immigrants in 45 years.

Canada nurtures immigrants with positive attitude, by progressive immigration policies and balancing immigration levels. Unlike other countries like the US and UK, which are struggling with a negative perception of  immigrants, of the  Canadian government was nominated for its compassion for Syrian refugees and the promise it has made to bring them in Canada, which it delivered earlier this year.

In each and every sector, Canada has immigrants in its workforce and that shows that Canada’s economy cannot survive without the major part being played by immigrants in the country. For more information about Canada immigration, visit nearby Canada immigration consultant.

Why Do You Need a Higher Education Consultant for Study Abroad?

Studying abroad has become an all-time high trend with more and more students opting for overseas education. Currently, it’s been observed that the number of student inquiries for study abroad has increased and students are seriously looking forward to start off their dream journey. The main reason why so many students opt for foreign education can be basically to get an opportunity to see the world and to experience the different cultures followed by the people living in the different country.

Why Do You Need a Higher Education Consultant for Study Abroad?

Before giving a start to your foreign education trip, one should always research thoroughly regarding the different options available for him/her like which program is appropriate as per his/her area of interest, which universities/colleges are available as per the preferred programs, scholarships and requirements for student visa processing. Though the internet provides us with all the required information, but it might not recommend which option is suitable for you. It’s not that one can’t process the student visa by them, but it can be a bit of troublesome and if not handled carefully, you can also land up with visa rejection or not getting the offer letter from the university/college in time. So it is always important to have an expert guidance from some professional or some expert consultancy.

Frankly speaking, foreign education consultancies do the same thing which we might do with the help of internet if we try to put up the file for student visa ourselves,  but the difference is the consultancies have the in-depth information about which program, university/college or the country is suitable as per our area of interest and preference. They very well know, which university provides programs which you are interested into or prefer to take up and which university provides scholarships to the international students. In short, half of your work is done smoothly. Being a certified consultancy, they will be aware of the changing immigration and visa norms which will help us in the visa processing without any hurdle or complexities.

The higher education consultant not only gets our application process through, but also provides guidance to help us arrive at a right decision for our future. To keep it more easy, the consultancy also submits the documents to secure the offer letter from the respective college/university and later start on with the visa processing. Many of the consultancies also help the student in preparing the required documents like Statement of Purpose, Letter of Intent, etc. So basically the student just needs to focus on securing the required scores in the IELTS/TOEFL exam. For IELTS/TOEFL as well, the consultancy provides training to the student’s for the exam along with the required study material as well.

Moreover, many of the students might be experiencing their first flight or moving to different location for the first time, so in order to build their confidence level, consultancies also provide with pre-departure trainings, pick-up and drop facilities etc. A genuine and reliable foreign education consultant will always provide you the right information to make you head to the right direction and help you to achieve your dreams.