Golden Rules for IELTS

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English proficiency test for non-native English language speakers and it’s jointly managed by Cambridge English Language assessment, the British Council and IDP education Pvt. Ltd.

Golden Rules for IELTS

Here are described some of the very essential tips for cracking IELTS and getting your dream score:

  1. Choose a realistic and achievable goal – Keep your goal measurable, realistic and approachable.
  1. Follow a regular study plan – You need to study for the pre-determined hours on a regular basis or else opt for IELTS coaching. Many Student Visa consultants offer education services to their students. In order to improve your reading, you can practice by reading a variety of English texts.
  1. Increase your personal speed – As the practice tests are undertaken, you need to increase the reading, writing and answering skills so that you will be able to answer the questions in the specific duration.
  1. Improve your grammar – you need to work on English grammar. Use proper tenses, punctuations, articles, active, passive, direct, indirect, vocabulary and proverbs. Answers should be grammatically correct including capital letters for countries, streets, names and places.
  1.  all the instructions carefully – before answering the questions, make sure that you read all the instructions carefully. Read the questions carefully before the recording starts and this will help you to follow the recording and identify the answers.

Tips: Be attentive with what the examiner is asking you. Be confident while answering.

Remember that exam tips alone will not be enough to clear IELTS for that you also need to prepare and practice your English months and weeks before the exam.

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