How to Write a Strong Statement of Purpose


A ‘Statement of Purpose’ – commonly known as an SOP is an integral part of the international admission procedure and student visa process. Most of the international institutions need students to submit a statement of purpose with their admission form. The Statement of Purpose should explain clearly the reason of why are you choosing that particular college or university, why are you selecting the course you want to study and what do you plan to do on the completion on the course.

Good academic records and a well-written SOP is an unbeatable combination which gives you power to convince admission officer that assesses your admission forms and documents on why you should be given admission.

SOP is a significant factor of admission process and that is why it is important to take care of a few things while crafting an effective SOP.

  • Your SOP should be explaining the reason or motivation behind choice of particular course and institution.
  • Your SOP must comprise the goals and decisions regarding the career you have taken so far as a part of your academic progress.
  • It is important to explain why and how the course fascinates you and why you want to pursue your career in it.
  • Mention any experience of project work or professional world you have in SOP.
  • Write the SOP in a clear manner, to the point and without grammatical errors. Add unique but relevant details.

An SOP is the only truly subjective feature of your application; make sure you give your 100% to get enrolled in your dream university of your preferred destination. To know more about overseas education or student visa, visit nearest office of Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd.


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